Monday, September 6, 2010

Bedtime rituals

Emma hates bedtime!
Ryan and I take turns putting her to bed. On ryans turn they say the prayers read two books and he tells her a story and checks for means. My turn we say prayers read three books and check for means. We check no less than 10 places apparently means can hide. One of these is a crack behind a picture. We then go to the computer room till she falls asleep. I am writing this as I am waiting on her to go to sleep. She then tucks in with a thousand stuffed animals, but only the special ones get under the covers....scruffy, marie the cat, Bolt, Sprinkles the dog, Snowball the cat, Rapunzel, and Cowie.
If it were up to her she would always be in our room...
We are those parents.
You know the parents you say you are never going to be...The ones who let their kids sleep in bed with them.
She always starts in her bed but somehow in the middle of the night she sneeks into our room.
Sometimes I wake up and take her back to her room. Sometimes I never hear her. Sometimes her little sleepy self is too cute and snuggly and I snuggle her into the safety of our bed.

She will only be little once!
For now I love out Bedtime rituals....even if it involves her ending up in our bed.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bible Stories according to Emma

Last Sunday Emma attended Church with her Mimi and Papa since Ryan had a kickball game at 12:00. She loves to go with them and go to Sunday School at their church as well.

This was the Bible story Emma recalled from her class.
Jesus was put in jail by someone named Harry. Peter prayed for Jesus and an angel rescued him. When pressed if she didn't think it was Peter in jail and maybe he prayed to Jesus she consistently said , "NO, Jesus was in jail!" Somewhere there was something lost in translation. It was pretty cute though.
She did learn two songs and has been singing"I'm gonna Sing sing sing!" So at least we got one thing right :)

Her Papa also told me she was playing air guitar with the praise and worship group! My Princess loves going to church and boy does it bless my heart!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Baby Girl

As I continue to have an ever expanding belly I cannot help but think how big Miss Emma is getting! She expresses herself ever day in new ways. She is sensitive yet stubborn! Funny and Imaginative! As her birthday approaches I am sad that my Baby is turning four! She will Always be my baby though! Her current dreams are to become a Cheerleader...pierce her ears( who knows when we will be brave enough for this) and start dance class in the fall!

I love my little Monkey more and more each day!

Friday, February 5, 2010


If you are looking for a good photographer here is a good one!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Loving life!

Well for those of you who don't know.....we are expecting again in August. Emma is gonna be a Big sister and she is super excited about it. We have been trucking along here.

Last week After having Emma sick in our bed for a week we began the fun task of getting her back in her bed. (Boo) I am a pushover of a mother and would let her get in bed and snuggle anytime day or night. There is a song I don't know who sings it and it says ..."Let them be little cuz there only that way for a while. Let em cry let em giggle let um sleeop in the middle. Just let them be little." Well Ryan and I had been listening to popular opinion that this is bad and we were trying to get her abck in her bed. After a LONG sleepless night we gave up.
She always starts out in her bed on normal nights and then sometime around three ends up in our bed.
There are probably many people reading this thinking...( I would never do this!) Don't worry I said the same thing before I had Emma. You just have to do what works for you!

For now at the Browning house we are gonna just let her be little!!! After all they grow up WAY TOO FAST!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


When you become a mom life becomes scary!

I heard it best put once that now your heart is walking around outside your body and you have no control over it! This is very true!

What they don't tell you is that sometimes you must do scary things that you normally wouldn't do in order to not instill fear in your child.

Who would think that could happen at Boo at the Zoo...., but it did.

I rode a ferris wheel! For many this may not seem scary but I have managed for 30 years now not to get on one. I even talked Emma out of it at the fair....however there was a much smaller one at Boo at the Zoo and My Little Bo Peep wanted to ride it! I thought I was in the clear because my sweet husband and Prince Charming was going to ride with Emma and I would remain safely on the ground! However as we were waiting for them to ride some sweet gentleman handed us 7 tickets. Now I had NO excuse! Ryan, Bo Peep and I boarded the ride. We proceeded to go to the very top while my Good friend Jenn and her daughter boarded. On the way up I could hear lots of creaking and squeaking. I really think you could describe what I had as a panic Attack. All I could think is here I have agreed to ride this thing, it is not properly put together and it is going to break and I have endangered my whole families life! As I was telling Ryan I NEEDED to get off Ryan calmly explained that the reason we were stopped at the top was so they could load Jenn and Belle and we would not be stuck there anymore I calmed down a little. As we went around the bottom not only am I still a little panicked but there is a bag of tools you can clearly see at the bottom where we boarded. Not a good sign for a crazy panicked person! I can now say I have ridden a ferris wheel and don't care to ever again. Miss Emma will have to depend on her brave daddy for that!

Monday, September 14, 2009


First she begins many things by saying, "The problem is...." also " So here is the deal"

Going to the barn to feed bolt
Emma- "I need mimi to come with us so she can hold me and I won't have to wash my hands because I won't touch the kitty or Bolt"
Me- OK we can do that
Emma ( After we got to the barn) - "Ok mimi you can just put me down I HAVE to pet that kitty cat! ( She just couldn't stand the temptation)

While her Baby Mammaw was watching her
Emma- Why do your arms look like that?
Mammaw - Because I am old.
Emma later on - You really are old Mammaw!
Mammaw - I know I told you I was! Can you help me I am old?
Emma- No mammaw! I am not Jesus!

At her Mammaw Jeffers house
Mammaw gave me some jewelry to which Emma says
"I am obsessed with jewelry! I am just a jewelry girl!"

My girl keeps me cracking up!